Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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H.G. Radhapati Prabhu

H. G. Radhapati Prabhu is a Prabhupada disciple who loined in Hawaii and who volunteered to go to Brazil to start the first temple. He then served in LA protecting the sankirtana devotees distributing books in LAX.
He suffered several injuries in Viet Nam prior to his surrender to Srila Prabhupada. One of the injuries he received in Nam left him with a brain tumor that caused epileptic seizures. He came to Vrindavan about 16 years ago prepared to leave his body.
He is a devotee of Sri Yamuna Devi. He served in Food for Life and Care for Cows for many years and served many local Vrajabasis selflessly.
. Radhapati prabhu is most known in Vrndavana as a vital part of Rupa’s FFL empire. He has such a loving attitude towards the Vrndavana children, even distributing candy Prasad along the Parikrama Path.
He is a person who is free from greed and is offenseless.
He is in the loving hands of Sri Krsna.